Important Information
  1. T-Ball and Pee Wee Divisions must have at least 1 manager on their roster with a background check. All other teams should have at least 1 manager and 1-2 coaches listed on roster, all with a background check. Click on the Background Application link to register and pay to begin the background check process. (ABSA is no longer collecting forms and fees, it is the manager and coaches responsibility to login through ABSA's Background Check link and register and pay for their own background checks.)
  2. At least 1 manager or coach with background check is required as team representative at all SLCAA games. A parent or guardian for each child is required at all practices and games for t-ball and pee wee divisions.
  3. All traveling managers are responsible for their own scheduling of games.
  4. Rain-out procedures:  The scheduler will contact them via email to reschedule games.
  5. Rescheduling of games due to conflict: A team representative (Manager or Coach) must contact the other team's coach/manager and both team representatives must meet with the scheduler of the organization that the game is scheduled to be played at to reschedule a game.
  6. It is the manager/coaches responsibility to notify players and parents of rain-out games, reschedule dates, team picture date and time, and any other association activity.
  7. ABSA plans several activities throughout the year that we encourage all teams to participate in. Money generated from these activities help to maintain the fields and purchase new equipment.
  8. ABSA hosts several tournaments during the season, Managers are encouraged to participate. Please visit the tournament information page to find out if there is a tournament in your division.
  9. Our website ( and the glass case at the concession stand is where ABSA posts upcoming events and important information. It is the managers and coaches responsibility to check the case regularly and to encourage players and parents to also check for upcoming events.
  10.  Must attend a mandatory home and away scheduling event to schedule your games.   Dates TBD.
  11. Three (3) original rosters, signed by players, including designated manager and coaches information.​
  12. Background checks completed
  13. Team Contact Information Sheet
  14.  It is the manager and coaches responsibility to ensure all coaches, players, and parents behave appropriately, and do not bring outside food, drinks,  or pets to the fields. Your team's game will be forfeited if these rules are not enforced. Players are allowed to bring water or sports drink. However,  spectators are not allowed to bring any outside food or drink to any of the ABSA or SLCAA game locations.
  15. It is mandatory for managers, coaches, or a team representative to attend coaches meetings. Please provide ABSA with the correct contact  information so you will be notified of the coaches meeting dates and times.
  16.  It is the manager and coaches responsibility to order team uniforms, collect money from parents/players for uniforms, and pay for teams uniforms.  Antonia Baseball and Softball Association is not and will not be responsible for paying for your teams uniforms.
  17. Any questions can be directed to the team coordinators listed on the right side of this page or to the ABSA Officer on Duty during games.
  18. ABSA will have representatives present during games. An Officer on Duty and Chief Umpire will be present during all games. The Officer on  Duty  will be wearing a red board shirt with ABSA Board printed in white. Chief Umpires will be wearing Blue SLCAA Umpire shirt. Any game related,  disputed call, or umpire questions or complaints should be addressed to the Chief Umpire.
Important Dates

Manger's Meeting:  TBD

Final Rosters to Manager for player signatures:  At managers meeting

Signed Team Rosters Due:  TBD

Approved Signed Rosters handed out to Managers:  Before season starts

Season Begins:  April 23, 2018 


Pee Wee & T-Ball - Sonya Smith:

Baseball - Donnie Lynch -

Softball - Donnie Lynch -