This program is primarily an instructional league with emphasis on fun and learning the skills of playing baseball. The Pee Wee division introduces kids to outs and run limits with mostly coach pitch (but some hitting off of a tee). Like t-ball, scores are not kept, and all players play the field. All rules are meant to contribute to the objective of our program. In the spirit of our purpose, we ask the coaches to rotate the players, so they can familiarize themselves with the various positions on the field. We realize that some players develop skills faster than others and sometimes positioning has as much to do with personal safety as it does with ability. Do your Best and Have Fun!!!

Pee Wee
  1. Participants should be 5 years old (by May 1st).
  2. Typical age range is 5-6.
  3. 7 year old players with little to no experience in organized baseball are also encouraged to join this division if they have not reached the age of 8 by May 1st.

  1. The season consists of approximately 10 games.
  2. A game will consist of 7 innings or 1 hour time limit.
    • Please have players show up at least 15 minutes before game time for warm ups.
  3. Each inning will consist of 3 outs or 4 runs scored.
  4. The bases will be 45 feet, with no specific distance for the pitching mound.
  5. There will be no catcher or final score kept.
  6. Coaches will pitch and catch.
  7. Home Team manager is responsible for setting up the field for the game. Visiting Team manager is responsible for tearing the field down and putting all bases back in the green box behind the backstop properly.
  8. Home team fields first and bats last. Home/Away will be decided per the schedule.
  9. A bag with game balls will be provided by the league.
  10. Balls will be handed out when they become available.
  11. Tees will be provided by the league for a $50 deposit. Checks will not be cashed unless the tees are not returned at the end of the season.
  12. Pee Wee League balls provided by the league must be used during games by all teams.
  13. Practice balls and all other equipment must be provided by the team and/or parents.
  14. Parents/Guardians must provide a helmet, face cage, bat and glove for each player.

  1. The fielding team will be allowed 3 adults on the field to help coach; however no physical contact may be made with any child, such as assisting them in the right direction.
  2. All players will play in the field. Positions include 1B-2B-P-SS-3B with the rest spread out in the outfield.
  3. Managers will rotate the players when playing defense (either each inning or each game).
    • All players should be allowed to learn and play at all fielding positions. Thus, if a player plays the outfield during the first game, you are strongly encouraged to play them in the infield the next game.
    • Rotating players through the outfield and infield is strongly encouraged during the game.

  1. Coaches are allowed onto the field at each base (1st, 2nd, 3rd, home plate).
  2. Coaches are responsible for keeping the kids away from the batting area until it is their turn to bat.
    • It is recommended that a parent volunteer watch the players on the bench during the game.
  3. All Batters are required to wear a helmet with a face “cage” in order to bat. Parents must provide their child with proper equipment (helmet, face cage, bat, glove).
    • This should be conveyed by the coaches to the parents before the first practice.
  4. Batters will receive up to 5 pitches per at bat. The coach will pitch to their players. If a ball is not hit after 3 pitches, the coach may utilize a tee for the final 2 swings. After 2 additional swings and misses, the batter is out.
    • If there is a foul ball in the first 4 pitches, it counts as a pitch. Batters who foul balls after 4 pitches will get another pitch until the ball is hit fair or missed.
    • If a tee is used, it shall be placed directly in front of home plate; this will teach the child to hit the ball out in front and not be late on swings.
      • The batter may not swing at the ball until the coach says he is ready. This allows all fielders to be ready before the ball is hit.
      • The tee is to be moved out of the way by a coach after the ball is hit.
  5. No bunting, stealing, or leading off. The batter shall not throw the bat after swinging or hitting the ball.
  6. On balls hit to the outfield:
    • The batter may run the bases until the defensive team throws the ball and it lands in the infield area or he is tagged out.
    • The ball becomes “dead” if it passes the baseline.
    • Runners must stop at their current base (or the next base if the base has been passed).
  7. On a ball in play, the base coaches should not attempt to “stretch an extra base” out of the play after the ball has landed in the infield area.
    • This rule is for the safety of the players and to avoid the disorganization and frustrations that are caused by multiple errors on one play.
  8. The manager must keep the same order all year in order to ensure all players are getting the same number of at bats.
    • Whoever makes the last out or is the last batter of the last inning, will be the last batter in the next game. The person who is on deck when this happens will bat first in the next game. This will be done for all games throughout the year.

  1. A parent or guardian for each child is required at all practices and games for t-ball and pee wee divisions.
  2. All managers are required to purchase a background check through ABSA.
  3. All managers are responsible for communication from the league to their team and scheduling team practices.
  4. T-shirts will be provided by the league with a number. Baseball hats will also be provided.
    • If you have a sponsor, you may order your own uniforms.
  5. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on Antonia League property.
  6. No Pets Allowed.
  7. Each team is responsible for picking up all trash on the field they are playing on.
  8. No outside food or drinks are permitted into parks with concession stands. Coaches must convey this to the parents before the first game.
    • EXCEPTION: Managers are allowed a water cooler that is to be kept on the player’s bench.

Please remember this is a FUN and INSTRUCTIONAL LEAGUE; therefore a Manager, Coach, Player or Spectator shall not argue. The spirit of fair play and sportsmanship should be your guide.
The association scheduler will contact via email to reschedule all games.
All managers will be responsible for communication between the league and their teams. Managers will also be responsible for scheduling of team practices.
Parent Responsibility

A parent or guardian is required to be at all t-ball/pee wee games/ practices. Players are not allowed to be dropped off without supervision.