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See Field Status section for rainout updates.



Registrations for Fall Ball

Registrations are coming for The 2024 Fall Season. They will be up and available by the end of the week 6/7/24.

Games will be on Saturdays and the season will consist of 6 games.

Any questions feel free to reach out to ivanwhiteabsa@gmail.com


Frequently Asked Questions

I Can't see the registration link on the website.

When Registration are open our system requires that you create an account before you are eligible to view the registration links.

What age group should I sign up for?

Typcally you will sign up for the age your child is that year. You will be allowed to play up 1 year with no permission needed. Anything over 1 year will require permission from the Board. You will not be allowed to play down at any age group over the coach pitch age. See our age chart for the current year to determine your exact age group.

I still don't see a place to sign up my high school aged child?

Unfortunately we do not have a league for High School aged children. High School is considered 15 and older.

When are practices?

The coaches will determine when the practices will be. We let them pick their week day starting mid-late March. They will also have the availabity to practice on the weekend. We encourage the coaches from 9U and up have 2 practices a week until the season starts, but that will be up to the coach. The younger kids we encourage a once a week practice.

When are the games?

Our games will be played during the week. Our fields are open Mon - Thursday 6PM. Our first day this year is 4/24/23. We always strive to have the games finished by June 30th however, mother nature sometimes has different plans and rainouts could push the season into July. Also with that if we have several rainouts we may have to open up on the weekend to make up some of the games.

Who gets paid at Antonia?

We are an all VOLUNTEER association and no one receives payment except for our umpires. We have no outside monetary help from the county or any city so we are responsible for the upkeep of the fields, buildings and equipment that we use to keep Antonia looking as good as we do.

If our work day is rained out what do I do?

We require everyone who has elected to perform a work duty to sign up for 1 work shift per family. We require everyone to reschedule a rainout or cancellation with our concession manager. You will meet with the Supervisor at the ballfields at 5pm on the rainout day unless she has already contacted you by email. With that, if you are rained out for 4  times we recognize you have tried to perform your work duty and we will make an exception for that. Our concession manager keeps the list. 




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Field Status
Field Status
Monday July 15th  update. Due to the heat index today, all games will be played but will be delayed until  a 7pm start time. All games will be shortened to a 1 hour 15 minutes time limit soft time. Meaning no new inning will start after the time limit but we will finish the inning you are on when time expires.





For rain outs Check us out on Face Book at Antonia Baseball & Softball Association.  Or view this page. Updates are done at 4PM on game days and not before due to our board members only being volunteers and having to work a regular job during the day.


  • COACHES - If you are scheduled to play and your game is rained out, you must be in communication via text to reschedule or you must be present or send a representative for your team to reschedule the game to the pavillion area at the fields at 6pm for rescheduling your game. If you are in contact via text and get the game rescheduled you will not have to show up at the fields. Failure to show up or reschedule via text by 6PM will result in a date assigned that will not be changed after the fact.
  • If games are cancelled and you are scheduled for work duty, You must contact concession supervisor to reschedule,  either in person when concession is open or by email:  absaconcession@yahoo.com

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Get Involved

ABSA is a volunteer organization, and we welcome quality individuals to the board who are willing to make a contribution of their time to the association.

In exchange for this valuable resource, board members are allowed free registration fees, and are not required to fulfill concession stand duties. Please contact us at absasoftballbaseball@gmail.com for more information on how you can join our team.