ABSA is accepting applications for 2018.  Umpires, if you are interested in umpiring for ABSA this year, please contact  Sonya Smith at

314-550-6340 or

You must be 14 before April 1st to umpire!

All umpires, regardless of experience, will be required to attend training and pass a final examination. Years of experience will determine the number of training sessions required.

Umpires must reapply on a yearly basis and be 14 years of age by April 1st of every year.

Games assigned and pay are based on years of experience.

Umpire in Training Level 1, (First Year), ($20)

Umpire level 1 (min 1 year experience) (up to $25)

Umpire level 2 (min 2 years experience) (up to $30)

Senior Umpire (min 3 years experience) (up to $35)

ABSA umpires are paid bi-weekly.

Contacts: ABSA Chief Umpire - Sonya Smith 314-550-6340 or

ABSA Asst. Chief Umpire - Katie Scego 314-775-8373 or