About ABSA

Antonia Baseball and Softball Association (ABSA) is a private non for profit organization. The organization consists of Boy's Baseball, Girl's Softball, T-Ball, and Pee Wee played during the summer months of April through July. Tournaments are offered at selected times during the season.

A Volunteer Organization

The Antonia Baseball and Softball Association is composed of a board of directors that equally represents the interest of Baseball, T-Ball and Softball.
The people who comprise this board are volunteers including parents, managers, coaches, and members of the community. We welcome quality individuals who are willing to make a contribution of their time to the association.

Goal of ABSA

The principal goal of the organization is to provide your child the opportunity to participate in a team sport and develop both athletic and social skills that they will be able to use throughout the rest of their lives.
The board members and staff donate their time and talents to ensure that a competitive balance exist for all teams that participate in the association. Parent/ Guardian involvement with the organization is key to ensuring that your child is provided with the best opportunity to succeed.